Udina by Bohigas

white wine udina garnatxa blanca white grenache bohigas

Denomination of origin /
D.O. Catalunya.

Varieties /
White grenache 100%.

Colour, aroma, structure /
Bright golden yellow powerful and mature. 
White flowers and dried fruit and nuts (raw hazelnut). 
Its development in the glass passes through different stages in which the characteristics of the wine are fresh but fade to leave behind more mature nuances comprised of woodland grasses, dry fruit and nuts and minerals.
A white wine that is very powerful, full and structured on the palate thanks to contact with the lees. There is good balance between acidity and structure. Long persistence on the palate where it evolves from fresh fruit to leave minerals and notes of honey on the tongue.Wine with long development in the glass.

Pairing /
Pasta, salad, rice dishes and fish.