vi negre inicis sumoll bohigas

Denomination of origin /
D.O. Catalunya.

Varieties /
Sumoll 100%.

Colour, aroma, structure /
Bright red and medium depth.
At the beginning a fresh and lively taste of red fruits, angostura and citrus peel stands out. In evolution, notes of red fruits (cherries with liquor) find the counterpoint of ripeness in exotic notes (sandalwood) in a varietal wine very easily recognisable by the fresh and extreme singularity of Sumoll.
On the palate it is light and vibrant, with the typical rusticity of the variety well tamed but marking out an unmistakable varietal identity. With Sumoll the balance on the palate is more acidic than tannic, leading to refreshing wines which are apparently fragile yet show their strength in a long and refreshing finish and provide an elegant and strict aftertaste with a fluidity that cleans the mouth and a silky tannicity that gets ready for the next glass.

Pairing /
This wine’s freshness and uniqueness means it goes well with any type of starters, white meat and pasta.