Garnatxa Negra

vi negre garnatxa negra bohigas

Denomination of origin /
D.O. Catalunya.

Varieties /
Red grenache 100%.

Colour, aroma, structure /
Dark picota cherry colour with violet reflections.

Its aroma begins with Garnatxa’s strong varietal character in a landscape of ripe fruit, plums and figs against a mineral backdrop and slight hints of dry grass. On opening, the freshness increases, driven by notes of black fruit, cranberries and red fruit jam on a back palate of flint and light toasted flavours of the barrel.

On the palate it is a powerful wine, dominated by the sweetness of Garnatxa which gives it great breadth on the palate and refreshed by the acidity that extends the perception of fructose in a long finish. Warmth and freshness are intertwined in a wine with contrasts due to the sensation of great extract and mildness of Garnatxa.

Pairing  /
Due to its robustness and colour, this Grenache will accompany red meat dishes, cold meats, cured or creamy cheeses (Camembert) and roast or mushrooms croquettes. In desserts, it pairs well with peaches in syrup, ripe fruits, cheese cake or red fruit pie