Bohigas Oil 500 ml

oli oliva bohigas

The fruit: Arbequine /
Our Bohigas oil comes exclusively from Arbequina olive variety. This variety has been cultivated in our catalan lands for centuries, currently spreading over 50,000 hectares between Lleida and Tarragona. Our estate is located in Odena, in Anoia region, at the limit of the central depression, in contact with the Pre-coastal mountain range. This particular location provides us a climate of transition between the hardest, continental, dry and cold winters, and hot and dry summers, and the mildest or Mediterranean climate of the Penedés, which provide the necessary humidity for the proper development of the olives. This set of conditions turns out to be a unique microclimate, excellent for the development of the organoleptic characteristics of Arbequina variety in all its splendor.

Elaboration /
The olive harvest is between the end of October and November, when the olives are at their optimum point of maturity. This moment has been chosen with great precision in order to achieve the best balance between fruitiness and bitterness. Harvesting is done with the greatest care for not damaging the fruit, and transport to the mill is done as soon as possible to avoid the formation of fungi and bad odors. Then we proceed to a very careful grinding, at low temperature and very low yield, allowing to preserve all the qualities that the olive, well treated, is able to provide.

500 ml bottle.