Winetourism experiencies at Bohigas and Anoia


Summary of the best wine tourism experiences to do in Anoia this summer.

For some years now, Cavas Bohigas has had a wide range of wine tourism activities, all of them with the aim of bringing the world of wine and cava closer to the entire population in a fun and cultural way. For this summer a series of very interesting wine tourism activities have been designed:

EXPRESS VISIT. This is a quick visit where it will be explained briefly how we make cavas, visiting a part of the vineyards, the tub room and the underground cellar, ending with a cava tasting. It is an ideal visit to make before dining at Bohigas Pop Up Bar by Espacio Gastronomía.
When? From Thursday to Sunday at 8pm. (Summer season only)
Price: € 5 / person
It is necessary to reserve / tel. 608503486.

STANDARD VISIT TO CAVAS BOHIGAS. A visit that mixes the history of the farm and the family together with the process of making cava. A part of the vineyards, the tub room, the underground cellar, the production room and the family chapel are visited, ending with a cava and wine tasting.
When? Every last Sunday of the month at 11am.
Price: € 12 / person
It is necessary to reserve / tel. 608503486.

EXPERIENCE THE DEGORGE. In this activity the standard visit is carried out but it ends with the tasting of a cava by each of the attendees. Each of them will be able to extract the yeasts from a bottle of cava, which they can take home.
When? Date to be agreed with the group.
Price: € 35 / person (Groups of minimum 10 people)
It is necessary to reserve / tel. 608503486.

Wine tourism in Anoia exists
In recent months, and as a result of the pandemic and several networking sessions organized by the Anoia Business Union (UEA), links and synergies have been created by tourist agents in the region and more specifically by Anoia wineries.

With the mentality of "together, we add", the Anoia Bohigas winery has joined forces with all the wineries in the region to give value to Anoia's wine tourism. Like other wine-growing areas in Catalonia, Anoia has great wine tourism potential yet to be discovered. For this reason, on June 15, the Anoia Wine Tourism Guide was presented, a small brochure in physical and digital format where you can learn about the wine tourism activities offered by each winery. This has been possible in the UEA, which has collected all the ideas of the wineries, has advised them and has helped them to give shape.