UEA Award for business career


Caves Bohigas obtains a distinguished recognition from the Anoia Business Union

On Thursday, May 16 at night in Santa Margarita de Montbui, the 24th edition of the Anoia Business Night took place, an event organized annually by the Anoia Business Union (UEA).

The event aims to hold a meeting of the business community of the region and, at the same time, give a series of recognitions to the most outstanding companies of the year. This year's edition also hosted a presentation by the renowned Victor Küppers, who gave several arguments on positive psychology and motivation to "live - and work - with joy" for the more than 600 attendees at the dinner.

At the Business Night, awards were also given to different companies in the region. In the case of Caves Bohigas, the UEA 2024 Award for Business Career was won due to the age of the company and the winery, the high quality, the national and international recognition of the wines and cavas and the international distribution of its production for years.

Other awarded companies were Dorsan with the Entrepreneurial Capacity Award, Meritem in the Innovative Company and Innovapack in the Social Commitment.

From Bohigas we want to thank all the UEA members who have given their support to our company in their votes and above all to the entire team behind the Anoia Business Union for their excellence work and management.