Two pairings for Mona cake


We propose two different cavas to pair with this Easter cake

Easter is just around the corner, and over the next few days the shopping for Easter family celebrations is usually made and, as tradition dictates, the “Mona” (Easer cake) is a must.

This spongy cake is typical of Catalonia, the Valencian Community and Murcia, although nowadays it is consumed throughout the Spanish state for Easter. There are two types of traditional monas: fruit and butter (sara), and they almost always have an egg or chocolate figure on its surface. It is also customary to accompany the mona with cava, but you have to take into account what type of cava goes best with it.

How do we pair mona with cava?
The pairing of food and wine/cava is usually based on one of these factors: assimilation or opposition, that means, whether the aromas or flavors are similar or opposite. Here are two proposals for pairings with cava for mona cake:

For butter mona: Cava Bohigas Brut Reserva.
Brut cava contains 6gr/liter of sugar, giving more sweetness to the cava, a sweetness that is assimilated to that of a piece of butter mona cake.
Pairing of assimilation in sweetness.

For fruit mona: Cava Bohigas Brut Nature Gran Reserva.
Gran Reserva cavas have been aged for more than 30 months, being in contact with the yeasts that carry out the fermentation of the cava. The prolonged contact with the yeasts makes these cavas have more aromas of pastries, which is assimilated to the aromas of the mona cake. Besides, in this cava we also find aromas of candied fruit or syrup, which combine perfectly with the fruit mona cake.
Pairing of assimilation in yeasts and fruit.

If you follow any of our pairing recommendations, we encourage you to send us your photos of Mona + Cava Bohigas and we will share them on @CavesBohigas social networks profile.

Have a good Easter!