Caves Bohigas launches '' Inicis '' a new sumoll wine that goes back to the origins


Coinciding with the beginning of the autumn and winter season, next September, Caves Bohigas launches the Inicis market, a new Sumoll variety red wine, made as in the past, which recovers the origins of the land and winemaking . Inicis joins the Bohigas family range, with Udina white wine and Noa de Bohigas cava.

The Sumoll is an autochthonous and exclusive variety of Catalonia and, currently, there are only a few hectares cultivated throughout the territory. At the beginning of 2015, Bohigas decided to recover an old vineyard of this variety from the Can Macià estate, in Òdena (Anoia), planted in 1945. The vineyard had not been worked for approximately a decade and the Sumoll that had been cultivated the Previous years it was sold in bulk to other producers to make table wine.

During the 2015 campaign, 2,000 liters of Sumoll wine were produced with grapes harvested by hand, which were fermented using the ancient method of fermentation, from Roman times, with 250-liter ceramic jugs and 8 months of aging.

With the aim of recovering the origins of the land, the new Inicis wine is incorporated into the family range of Bohigas, which is the high range, replacing the red wine Fermí and together with the white wine Udina (Garnacha Blanca 100%) and Noa de Bohigas cava (50% Xarello and 50% Pinot Noir). Udina is the old name of the town of Òdena and symbolizes respect for the territory; Cava Noa represents the future of the new generations, while Inicis is the history of the winery.