Bohigas appears in the TV Show "Com Més Serem" of Canal Taronja Anoia channel


On Wednesday 1st March at 10:00 p.m. the program focused on Bohigas was broadcast

On March 1, the program "Com Més Serem" on Canal Taronja Anoia was broadcast with Caves Bohigas as the main theme.

The program, presented by Gisela (Operación Triunfo) and Sergi Lladó, begins with the presenters showing a "Bohigas Experience" gift box to enjoy a wine tourism visit to the Cavas. From here, they meet Maria Casanovas (winery director) and Èlia Soriano (head of marketing and wine tourism) in the courtyard of the winery to talk about topics such as the different wines and cavas from the winery, the vineyards and the estate, export and wine tourism. Next, María accompanies the presenters to the underground cellar where she explains exhaustively and in situ the process of making cava.

Afterwards, the interior of the farmhouse is visited where Jordi Casanovas (owner of the winery and Maria's father) tells the history of the estate and different anecdotes that have happened over the years. And finally, Joan Paucirerol and Marta Pujol narrate their experiences as landowners on the estate.

Link to see the program on-line (only in Catalan):